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Whether you're transitioning from Contemporary to Street Jazz, a Street Dancer needing more technique, or just simply a dancer wanting to move from your state to LA - THE TRANSITION is for you.  THE TRANSITION is an official M.E workshop that will give you the fundamental knowledge and tools that you will need to gain access to the career and jobs that you want in todays industry. 

Students will train intensley for seven hours with Rhapsody James and her staff in areas stated below:

Street Jazz Classes

Hip Hop Fundamentals

Audition Techiques

Performance Techniques

Image Consulting

Acting & Script

Seminar on the TRANSITION of Moving from NY to LA

... just to name a few

$175 per student (One Day) **LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE**

$350 per student (Two Day) **LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE**

*There are NO REFUNDS once purchased.

*Students MUST be 17 years and up

For Questions and Inquires:

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