ME SEASON PROGRAM is a commercial dance training program for the artist ready to emerge as an industry professional. 


Must have solid fundamentals of Hip Hop, some Street Jazz experience, & stage experience beyond online class demos. ME candidates must have self awareness and have a distinct contribution to offer the commercial dance industry. 

AGE: 18yrs & Up

More than just a physical dance class, M.E is dedicated to the education of the commercial dancer. There are 7 components that make up the M.E Program:M.E Major, M.E Minor, M.E Power Course, M.E Training Tech, M.E Development, M.E Session and M.E Guest.


M.E MAJOR: Better known as M.E core training.  Students will train intensely and hands on with Rhapsody James (Founder/ Creative Director / Choreographer) in Street Jazz and Commercial Hip Hop. Students will be strongly evaluated and assessed.

M.E MINOR: Don't be fooled by the word Minor these courses are just as important as M.E Major. Built to strengthen your skill and keep you versatile. Students will work with M.E Faculty on different areas of dance and other areas of art..

M.E POWER COURSE: These partnership courses go hand in hand with M.E Major. Using these courses to develop the on the job skill of the commercial dancer, students will learn how to enhance and elevate their talent while staying professional in the process.

M.E TRAINING TECH: These skill driven courses allow the student to focus on a more technical aspect of what it takes to be a commercial dancer. Students will be challenged to sharpen their skills and be a smart dancer.

M.E DEVELOPMENT: Derived from the industry Artist Development, students will get insight on their image and business skills. We like to consider this your M.E Makeover.

M.E GUEST: Learn from the best in the commercial dance business. Students will have a chance to work with some of the best choreographers / Teachers in the business. We also provide seminars so students can learn dance history and have an opportunity to ask questions. 

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